Introduction to Conversion Rate Optimization

If you own a website of a business then you have a clear idea how expensive online marketing is. Businesses spends millions every day to make their business more popular and get more clients. Although this is also very important, some businesses tend to miss out the point of their whole marketing campaign. Why so? The aim of every marketing campaign is to make more money and spend less and hence have a greater profit. Unfortunately online businesses tend to focus more on getting new customers than actually make sure that the customers which they already have do what they want them to do. To better explain my self let me give you a simple example. Consider any website which sells pottery that has 3000 visitors a day but only 150 people buy pottery. Sure, they can brag about  having 3000 visitors but in reality they are only making money from 150 people. So the question which should be asked is:

  • How can I make people visiting my website do what I want them to do?

and not, how can I increase the number of people visiting my website?

This is exactly where conversion rate optimization comes in.

So you ask, what is conversion rate optimization? In pure basic terms CRO (conversion rate optimization) is nothing more than working with what you have and making the best of it. By conversion rate we mean the total number of visitors on your site divided by the number of visitors that do what you want them to do, your users.

By considering the previous example one can instantly note that there must be something wrong with the website or with the type of advertisement because people are not finding what they are looking for in their website. If they did, they would have a far better conversion rate than just 5 %.

Okay so that’s enough with pottery and let us take it to general terms. What do you want from visitors on your site? Would you like them to buy a product, subscribe, apply for your newsletter, leave comments etc.

So go ahead and think of something that you want your visitors to do when visiting your website.

Now does your website deliver? Do you have a good conversion rate? Whatever your answer is CRO is still something to work hard on simply because there is always room for improvement, no matter how many visitors you convert to users. The best part of CRO is that not only you make more money because any extra users are pure profit (because you are not spending anything else to get those new users) but more importantly conversion rate optimization is absolutely free, unlike online advertisement.

Every website has a conversion funnel. This is the path that a visitor takes to become your user and hence do what you want them to do. Now as you may know a goldfish has an attention span of about 6 seconds. Unfortunately human attention span isn’t much long  :( Moreover they are less patient. Okay so what does attention span and goldfish have to do with CRO? If visitors do not find what they are looking for on your site, they immediately go to your competitor. This highlights the importance of conversion rate optimization. Once users find your site useful they will keep coming and hence you start taking shares from your competitors. It becomes a winner takes all situation.

After having optimized your system it would be a good time to start investing money. By having a good conversion rate you can now start to invest that money to get even more viewers which in turn gives you more users and so on. So keep in mind that CRO can generate good momentum and speed to your business!

Unfortunately CRO isn’t a simple task and that is why businesses hire professionals like us, but do not worry because we will name some factors which may affect your conversion rate and then go into further detail in future blogs :)

An aspect which frequently affects your conversion rate is the call to action feature. This is that button which turns a visitor into a user. Make sure this is clearly visible and self explained.

Moreover make sure that any advertisement made is clear and honest about the products that you offer. You could attract thousands of viewers but if they are not your target market not even one will convert. This would increase your bounce rate (people who click your site and then exit after a few seconds) which wouldn’t reflect good on search engines and end up ranking lower. But that regards SEO which will not be discussed here.

This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding CRO so make sure to keep yourself posted for more :)


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