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Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques

So you have an idea of what conversion rate optimization is but you’d like to learn more on the steps involved? Then you’ve come to right place :) . By now we know that the conversion rate is the total number of visitors to your site divided by the total visitors who do what you get them to do. But you might be wondering,

  • Should I use the total visitors or the unique visitors to calculate the conversion rate?

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Introduction to Conversion Rate Optimization

If you own a website of a business then you have a clear idea how expensive online marketing is. Businesses spends millions every day to make their business more popular and get more clients. Although this is also very important, some businesses tend to miss out the point of their whole marketing campaign. Why so? The aim of every marketing campaign is to make more money and spend less and hence have a greater profit. Unfortunately online businesses tend to focus more on getting new customers than actually make sure that the customers which they already have do what they want them to do. Continue reading